Cryptic Crossword from the Sunday Hindu No. 2850 (19th July 2015) - Fillable and with solution

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1.Disrupt a program in authority (8)
5.Mind tipsy cheers to some extent (6)
10.Trouble after confusion getting rid of hard fruit (7)
11.Threatening nothing, I'm retreating with common sense (7)
12.Artist, ironic, having look ahead (5)Not solved
13.Information list about island with unknown culture (9)
14.Promise controversy, repelled by awful fur on hood (4,2,6)
18.Seethe about scare by one with article in wartime leader's style (12)
21.Working together in criminal ring, messy (9)
22.All express annoyance with appeal overturned (5)
23.Book with endless range, not at all for young child (7)
24.Find university close to author's heart (7)
25.See art newly produced for festival (6)
26.Cleric taking tea, not elaborate (8)

1.Accepts summer visitors (8)
2.One keen on reading new work in progress rapidly (8)
3.Notice, in play, fawn (5)
4.Sheer roar going to shake one subjected to Beatlemania (6,8)
6.Odds on one ceremony being religious (9)
7.Writer of music cut out? On the contrary (6)
8.Attempts to rise in busy assembly (6)
9.Party win, then blundering on entrance? Not happy (4,2,3,5)
15.Sensible to support parent, miles away, in different circumstances (9)
16.Monarch in charge on hill breaking through (8)
17.Husband in pain not disposed to make response (8)
19.Working underground, initially dark (6)
20.Problem in area raised hostility (6)
22.Connection that is found among sheep (3-2)
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