Cryptic Crossword from the Sunday Hindu (20th March 2016) - Fillable and with solution

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1.Dismal churl's plea out of order (10)
6.Fancy missing hour after second reel (4)
10.Deceive kind partner (7)
11.Funds from hundred volunteers (7)
12.Undemanding music, say, is in gentle broadcast (4,9)
14.Academic posers for unravelling (9)
16.Empty clamour surrounding artist (5)
17.Blushing about thanks, in retirement, deserved (5)
19.Old life is transformed in areas yielding fuel (9)
21.Sales talk in particular behind desire for ceramic design (6,7)
24.Clear sailor with volume in fish (7)
25.Confirm contest to grab attention (4,3)
26.Back in classes learning more (4)
27.Soldier enters inflexible city alone (10)

1.Excerpt from classic known poorly (4)
2.Write meal menus, including price for church members (15)
3.Viewing river going north in Cornish town (4-3)
4.Part of Bible taken in by man and left in place for guests? (5)
5.Name received by experts on search yielding weight of family history (9)
7.Song on life will have moving, overwhelming emotion finally (4,1,4,2,4)
8.Not loudly, signify most cranky person averse to women (10)
9.Hurt, not on purpose (6)
13.Sea creature well below wave in south-west (5,5)
15.Whose epic developed into outstanding example? (9)
18.Drawing line in poem supporting party (6)
20.Restriction in furniture seller's floral art (7)
22.Bone identified by one cutting a fragment up (5)
23.Wait for prop (4)
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Created at 21.30 hrs IST on 19-03-2016 (Saturday) from Bangalore as crossword was available in The Hindu website at 7.00 PM itself

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