The Sunday Hindu Crossword No. 2800 (20th July 2014)(Fillable and with hints and solution- SOLUTION AT THE BOTTOM OF PAGE (For solution, click here)

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Across: (For solution, click here)
1.Depressed facing autumn in America, and heavy rain (8)
5.First aid received by soldiers (6)
9.Secret meeting about chapter in a novel badly written (8)
10.Bound to spoil alcoholic drink (6)
11.Hanger-on given refuge by church (5)
12.In which to deposit odd things, a few wife left out (5,4)
14.Masseurs may mix socially (3,9)
18.A cut he showed off out on Wensleydale river - classy gear (5,7)
21.Missile is fired in front of stand - a big brute (5,4)
23.Bishop elected to start game (5)
24.Close to Edinburgh, soldier's after a good Scottish dish (6)
25.Top of the bill set off on vessel (4,4)
26.Wizard dramatist and author of children's books (6)
27.Place for fruit, old variety, extremely ruddy (8)

Down:(For solution, click here)
1.Tame code broken, broken by the Italian (6)
2.Victor, film director (6)
3.Rather good hand from capacity crowd (4,5)
4.Explorer from Scottish town close to shore (11)
6.A fraction to one side (5)
7.Shabby magistrate, a Communist (3-5)
8.Around noon, son seen playing in folly (8)
13.Worthiest novel written in Greek? I may get a little credit (11)
15.Poet getting praise in speech by king taking place (4,5)
16.Cut slice of meat quickly (4,4)
17.Insult about a French port? (8)
19.One name certain to give cover (6)
20.Premium for naval ship . . . (6)
22. . . . put up - extra is excusable, partly (5)
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SOLUTION - Across - 1 DOWN-FALL 5 M-AID-EN 9 C-ON-C-LAVE 10 MAR-GIN 11 LEE-CH 12 NIGHT SAFE 14 RUB SHOULDERS 18 HAUTE C-OUT-URE 21 POLAR BEAR 23 B-IN-GO 24 H-AG-GIS 25 STAR T-URN 26 POTTER 27 O-RANGE-RY Down - 1 DOC-IL-E 2 WINNER (Google tells me that Michael Winner is an English film director who has directed Hollywood films including Death Wish, starring Charles Bronson) 3 FULL HOUSE 4 LIVINGSTON-E 6 A-PART 7 DOG-E-A-RED 8 N-ONSENSE 13 GHOSTWRITER 15 LORD BYRON 16 CHOP CHOP 17 SUNLI-GH-T 19 I-N-SURE 20 BOUNTY 22 RAISE