Cryptic Crossword from the Sunday Hindu (20th September 2015) - Fillable and with hints and solution

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1.Bankrupt regretted embracing hollow illusion (6)
4.Material in article pinched by humorous writer (7)
9.New set primed for paint (9)
10.Dance in uncertain state (5)
11.Captured period, retaining look in old-fashioned cinema (11)
14.Run into great area of land (4)
15.Dramatic rendition of choir isn't entertaining one (10)
17.Guarantee fuel, securing litre subsequently (10)
18.Speaker's solitary advance (4)
20.Betray twenty in style of ancient Rome? (6-5)
23.Engineers joining line in charge for survival (5)
24.Proper uncertainty reflected in gambling (9)
25.Mark for each escape (7)
26.Superior ordered no rise (6)

1.Sadly cry and end up without power, showing uselessness (10)
2.Home and dry, you finally rest safely? On the contrary (10)
3.Team taking part in cruel event (6)
4.Flair the angler wildly exaggerated (6,4,4)
5.Opponent among last struggling for lost land (8)
6.Be busy, quietly coming to prominence (4)
7.Rip off piece starting in corner (4)
8.Counterpart to pope is afflicted with senseless hesitation (8,6)
12.Motion in an old car showing advancing age (4,6)
13.Using garlic in a stew, left out sweet powder (5,5)
16.Hamper with help I cover (8)
19.Tool chest rattled, holding unknown quantity (6)
21.Flower heads for instance rich in scent (4)
22.Fold, lacking time for appeal (4)
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