Solution to Cryptic Crossword from the Sunday Hindu (20th November 2016)Fillable and with solution

1.Measure of power in new attraction (4)
3.Oppressor in nation seizing moment with revolutionary nonsense (10)
9.Called newspaper entertaining name (4)
10.Doctor honours aim to be sympathetic (10)
12.Alien in list lacking right symbol of allegiance (7)
13.Model from quiet region of Spain (7)
14.Suggestion about thousand joining disorderly advance (12)
18.Singer anxious to return once (12)
21.Judge starts to assess rude piece with hesitation (7)
22.Heron, distracted, following second waterbird (7)
23.Fine merit seen by fool in railway company (10)
24.Rule out nothing after check (4)
25.Extended version of legend around at that time (10)
26.Correct reflection of trend (4)

1.Struggle shifting bed or cupboard (8)
2.Catch good fan getting upset about small element (8)
4.Escape notice during day before festival (5)
5.Signal from coast about English plan (9)
6.Dance around king, for example, moving into assembly (12)
7.Run into difficult channel (6)
8.Wickedness in outfit in revolt (6)
11.Keen sort not bothered over temperature in city (5-2-5)
15.Deer hurry round new barrier (9)
16.Plan to arrest man finally (2,3,3)
17.New intro in place for hard copy (8)
19.Just left rubbish (6)
20.Get queasy in boat (6)
22.Satisfied about poetic rhythm (5)
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