Cryptic Crossword from the Sunday Hindu (21st February 2016) - Fillable and with solution

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1.Oppose company producing cosmetic preparation (4,4)
5.In course of fever balderdash is spoken (6)
9.Friend mostly surrounded by work (5)
10.Direct, objective answer in votes (9)
12.Jazz pianist liked long tune to play (4,9)ANAGRAM of LIKED LONG TUNE
14.Country I haunt, wretchedly in trouble after revolution (9)
15.Just accepting learner's ability (5)
16.Relative insider, chef dispensing with regular ingredients (5)
18.Blissful place, Italian city, not one gripped by fear (9)
20.Ace goes into lead, being fit, unusually tireless (13)ANAGRAM of LEAD BEING FIT+A for ACE
23.Depiction of beam in doorway (9)
24.Subject covered by Goethe methodically (5)
25.Agent satisfied about mood (6)
26.Hot yard deserved to be supplied with water (8)

1.Deceptive fault under ground (10)ANAGRAM of FAULT UNDER
2.Pain in neck, alien insect (7)
3.Colour scheme set up in perfect operation (9)
4.Poet, eccentric lady, can run off (5,3,5)ANAGRAM of LADY CAN RUN OFF
6.Heron for example regarding middle of water (5)
7.Book about soldier nearly made into TV western series (7)
8.Do nothing for portion of bread (4)
11.In essence, supply word of assent and agree (13)
13.Criminal receiving elevation, man in strong position (10)
15.Following hesitation over treatment of rat I go to get pest controller (9)
17.Concise saying from end of fable on two farm animals (7)
19.Wrongly ban item of electronic music (7)ANAGRAM of BAN ITEM
21.Urgent to include grand mournful song (5)
22.Exploits raised in quarrel (4)
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