Solution to Sunday Hindu Crossword No. 2833 (published in Bangalore edition on Saturday, 21st March 2015)Fillable and with solution

1. Respiratory complaint in New Zealand got by adult inhaling pipe (9)
6.Mack's mate married Magwitch, maybe (5)
9.Shocking cover - ancient city featured inside (5)
10.Nocturnal animal found in mall, radio broadcast (9)
11.Cook Strait? P&O's mistaken (4,5)
12.Stab leader leaving dive (5)
13.Pupils may be examined in this branch of medicine (13)
16.British Government out of order, setting out to repress religious education (7,6)
19.Woman repelled by husband suggesting a dye (5)
20.Mum's pie - he used a polite term (9)
22.Tries his cooking before wife produces a dish (5,4)
23.Fruit, old and turning bad (5)
24.Fire-raiser's game? (5)
25.Home team in Italian city losing first three (9)

1.The Italian applied sun oil to create a false impression (8)
2.To supply coat by noon is hard (7)
3.Indisposed subordinate, a British subject? (5,3,7)
4.Antelope found in many a land (5)
5.Member blowing hard, renowned trumpeter (9)
6.Central square? (6-2-3-4)
7.A learner, one taken in by deceptive talk (7)
8.Relax having free gin at the end (6)
14.Queen's favourite city? (9)
15.Trampled on top of everyone in headlong rush (8)
16.Dingy church in French port (7)
17.Rabble-rousing? Head of state ignored issue (7)
18.Very small person, quiet politician touring Rhode Island (6)
21.Prisoners of war describing ending of captivity in Welsh county (5
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