Solution to Sunday Hindu Crossword No. 2846 (published in Chennai edition on Sunday, 21st June 2015)Fillable and with solution

1.Satisfied, coming back with point for draw (5)
4.Silly sailor with singular language, mostly (6)
10.Constant favourite in nation, a leader in legend (9)
11.Fantastic agent, American, going west (5)
12.Second mortgage provider perhaps inadequate (7)
13.Temporary home with unusual merit (7)
14.Old-fashioned greeting given in turn daily (6,3,5)
16.Line in eccentric circle on china dish (6,3,5)Not solved
19.Bird from extremely cold north (7)
21.Happy to a smaller extent inside base (7)
23.Time after surface broke (5)
24.Badly need approval, giving up fine enterprise (9)
25.Vigorous technique in call for attention (6)
26.Endlessly eager learner beginning to enjoy university (5)

1.Characters in party pessimistic (5)
2.Broadcast learned item on prolific actress (7,8)
3.Philosopher after time studied boring routine (9)
5.Confident president covering misfortune up (7)
6.Tip over unexpected result (5)
7.Leave coach, crossing street and beginning to explore large shop (10,5)
8.Rotten plonk, free (6)
9.Spirit in TV network that surprises me! (6)
15.Characteristic conclusion of pundit with comment about commercial (9)
16.Young lion? Itís distracted painter (6)
17.Change name in secret (7)
18.Cipher cracked by don about love (6)
20.One in crowd scene, wide? (5)
22.Good to interrupt dreadful lament (5)
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