The Sunday Hindu Crossword dated 21st August 2016 - Fillable and with hints & solution

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1.Account by copper indecent in precision (8)
5.Fragment ending in fire grate (6)
9.Strange trio used to be stranger (8)
10.Cross some lengthy bridges (6)
12.Lawyer beginning to examine new disc and film (5,9)
14.Minister's place in corruption probed by a newspaper (8)
15.Rigid back (5)
17.Exhausted, nothing left, diva finally retired (3,2)
18.Deal arranged by assistant in state capital (8)
19.Objection about her chat they nastily make up (4,3,7)
22.Reduce block and write (6)
24.Ominous sign's last one received by nun (8)
25.Discover sock (6)
26.Criminal seen and stopped by river, caught (8)

1.Particle in amoeba to monitor (4)
2.Larva from crate wriggling over post (11)
3.Create trouble and upset expert in dried fruit (5,4)
4.Basket filled by me with stuff including a dessert (5,7)
6.Rodent, shy, heads for protection underground (5)
7.Broadcast just devoid of force (3)
8.Continuing call to support aim, universal (8)
11.Movement involving church developed real increase in speed (12)
13.Time with dog around noon for leader of fashion (11)
15.Upright icon hasn't changed (9)
16.Island's obstacle ahead of poor sailor (8)
20.Adjust temperature, lacking energy (5)
21.Dry area cleared (4)
23.Ruin force, overthrown (3)
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