Cryptic Crossword from the Sunday Hindu (15th January, 2017) - Fillable and with hints and solution

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1.Cunning search securing one result (8)
5.Open University pledge, on reflection, about right (6)
10.Swimming suit in pool containing colour about to create deceptive image (7,8)CHARADE+REVERSAL+ANAGRAM of SUIT IN POOL
11.Satirical film about a bar (7)
12.Animal I release, initially caught by mistake (7)
13.Proprietor losing heart after time in tall building (5)
15.Funny line, in short, mostly for children (8)
17.Emperor, a guy I call unbalanced, not unknown (8)ANAGRAM of A GU I CALL
19. Take action against editor returning material (5)
21.Copy filled in by English learner with name and grade (7)
22.Less easy to admit love for collector (7)
24.Singer with sad, stern air distracted after hurtful remark (6,9)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of SAD STERN AIR
25.Pretentious youth with theory having no energy (2-2-2)
26.Put another way, sun god inhabits different sphere (8)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of SPHERE

1.Way of lifting and shaking top hat (8)ANAGRAM of OF TOP HAT
2.Go into part of forbidden territory (5)CONTAINED INSIDE
3.Gambled, rising above hesitation in crucial game (7)
4.Concern caused by ridiculous issues isn't cool (14)ANAGRAM of ISSUES ISNT COOL
6.Not involved in arrangement of late run (7)ANAGRAM of LATE RUN
7.Strengthen control in favour of church (9)
8.Joke with trap in basket (6)
9.Waste time on lost cause in sport, upset with advertisement, suffering sore head (4,1,4,5)CHARADE+REVERSAL+ANAGRAM of SORE HEAD
14.Seasoned old man lacking force to cut unwanted plant (9)
16.Resent for example resistance during move (8)
18.Crude amendment of bill supported by revolutionary (3-4)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of BILL
19.Language course is hard (7)
20.Clever ballad partly spoken (6)CONTAINED INSIDE
23.Play lawyer with inner force (5)
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