The Sunday Hindu Crossword No. 2796 (22nd June 2014) (Fillable and with anagram hints and solution- SOLUTION AT THE BOTTOM OF PAGE (For solution, click here)

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Across: (For solution, click here)
1.Go after Asian river business (8)
5.In Tolkien, Tom Bombadil's put six feet under . . . (6)
10. . . . Baggins (hobbit) heartily upset about Bombadil's end (5)
11.Embargo on ballistic missile (9)
12.Produce item of jewellery found inside container (5,2)
13.Battle of New Orleans? (7)
14.About average on violin, having committed tune to memory originally (4,2,8)
17. One altering certain features in a theatre? (7,7)
21.Hot drink required in not entirely warm French castle (7)
23.Terrible tsar stuck on promontory in novel (7)
24.PM includes this one not far away (9)
25.Group's leader brought in awful song (5)
26.Former Scottish philosopher, the opposite of 5 (6)
27.Knowing nothing, such a crossword can't be solved! (8)

Down:(For solution, click here)
1.Drink - one tipple brought in by me (6)
2.From a republic in Africa, a young man's turned up to see spiritual leader (5,4)
3.Small lumberjack, one who toils (7)
4.Ornate orb connoisseur misrepresented in book (8,6)
6. Annoyed, wanted to catch learner driver (7)
7.Being broadcast from Barcelona, ironically (2,3)
8.Past patron saint causes an exclamation (2,6)
9.Legal walk (14)
15.Train in club on piece of gymnastic equipment (4,5)
16.Watch tapes etc., haphazardly (8)
18.Article on more complex proposition that has been proved (7)
19.Haughty and extremely excitable man of high rank abroad (7)
20.Time off in bay (6)
22.A long letter (5)
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SOLUTION - Across 1 INDUS-TRY 5 ENTOMB 10 BI-L-BO (solved with help from Google) 11 BOOMERANG 12 B-RING IN 13 SALERNO 14 F-AIR TO M-IDDLING 17 PLASTIC SURGEON 21 CHA-TEA-U (solved with help from Google) 23 IVAN-HOE 24 AFTERNOON 25 DIR-G-E 26 EX-HUME 27 CLUE-LESS Down - 1 I-M-BIB-E (solved with help from Google) 2 DAL-A-I LAM-A 3 S-LOGGER 4 ROBINSON CRUSOE 6 NEED-L-ED 7 ON AIR 8 BY GEORGE 9 CONSTITUTIONAL 15 IRON HORSE 16 SPECTATE 18 THE-OREM 19 GRAND_E-E 20 RECESS