Cryptic Crossword from the Sunday Hindu (22nd November, 2015) - Fillable and with hints and solution

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1.Cheers received by Communist leader, quiet man in terrible event (11)
7.Grouse, not name for flightless bird (3)
9.Lavish smear filled in by artist (7)
10.Work silly dopes resisted (7)
11.Striker, cross about conflict, following heart (6,7)
13.Travel around, beginning to identify Polynesian language (5)
14.Trim coach having a change of colour (9)
15.Stern mind in conservative element (9)
17.Part of lesson, a humourless book of the Bible (5)
19.Pompous man is left rambling about wine (4-9)
22.Blushing, decline to be symbol of revolution (3,4)
23.Song packed with zest initially about part of USA (7)
24.Occasional rum (3)
25.Hot in spell, yet more shivery - not unknown indicator of fever? (11)

1.Cry about everything (4)
2.Plant obtained by explorer turning up with company (7)
3.One who's withdrawn from contract, one wrongly given lot (9,6)
4.Head? It helps one draw the line (5)
5.Academic dreaded having no answer to be presented (9)
6.Neat, simple mixer managed innovative approach (15)
7.Odd parts for chaps in film, being this? (7)
8.Assistant made cape I'd ordered (4-2-4)
12.Rascal with eccentric air rose to become producer (10)
14.Bubbly title-holder, beaten finally in time (9)
16.Made reference and raised boring article with editor (7)
18.Fashionable and extremely loud, rising quickly (7)
20.Field occupying acre, almost (5)
21.Reasonable exhibition (4)
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