The Sunday Hindu Crossword No. 2783 (23rd March 2014)

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1.Absurd, like the team that always loses? (9)
6.Start of Bolero - unaltered arrangement (5)
9.Peacock's last put in to annoy Bohemian poet (5)
10.Guide showing policeman clergyman's residence (9)
11.Managed to invite endless resentment (7)
12.Fiery type, husband associated with Proust novel (7)
13.Oddity in terribly icy dairy sons may reveal (12)
17.Gofer may make off with diamonds, jewels originally in our vaults (6,6)
20.Rally rounding on head of state (7)
21.Weird row on street (7)
22.Game not about to be brought round in place of cheese (9)Not solved
23.Water animal and swine beheaded (5)
24.Guide showing prophet round heart of marketplace (5)
25.Stand for the Queen over there (9)

1.Picture - left artist with it (8)
2.Poorly in one in very large state (8)
3.Tired and emotional and shabby (3,5,3,4)
4.Embarrassed, the Parisian put up church official (5)
5.Additional payment made by cleaner entering sweep (9)
6.Having completed a circuit, but no further forward? (4,2,6,3)
7.Careless in dock, arrested by undercover agent (6)
8.Crime writer wasted year on board (6)
14.Happy hour - binge in one next door (9)
15.Duff gen? Vet it for sketch (8)
16.Genuine Greek and Italian film (4,4)
18.Feels upset and annoyed in trading centre in centre of Nassau (6)
19.Single and alone (6)
21.Build scenery at university (3,2)
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Created at 09.00 hrs IST on 23rd March 2014

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