Cryptic Crossword from the Sunday Hindu (23rd October 2016) - Fillable and with hints and solution

This is a web based solver for crosswords developed by Mr.Hari Balakrishnan that lets you directly type and submit the answers. You click on a cell to highlight the word. If a cell is part of both across and down clues, when you click again, it toggles the highlighting. Play with it and send your feedback to puthirmayamgmailcom.

1.Job with appeal after time (4)
3.Irreverent type using ample herbs differently (10)
9.Flower is back in clear area (7)
11.Guy enthralled by interior of royal residence in handbook (7)
12.Jubilant about one manager, initially popular, being removed (10)
13.Mistake in party politics (4)
15.Have help, lost or otherwise in disarray (3,4,3,4)
17.Officer with bag, carrying work around, useful in many ways (7-7)
20.Sound of healthy acclaim (4)
21.Start of hype heralding stirring film with Sean Connery (10)
24.Article with endless value about Simon and Garfunkel song (7)
25.Certainly nothing right in middle of speech, ugly thing (7)
26.Tool's essential difficulty noticed (7,3)
27.Run into swarm going west (4)

1.Material error, not good, in silly tat (7)
2.See placid broadcast on uniform postal service (7,8)
4.Catch up with a climber (5)
5.Small steps on projecting part in interstellar craft (9)
6.Drone on soft mound (4)
7.Profit easily made from food only emperor ordered (5,3,3,4)
8.Think ahead after ruin, losing weight (6)
10.Avoids work, keeping six servants (8)
14.Measure designed to protect new online identification (8)
16.Revive, swimming near island with friend (9)
18.Serious gain established (7)
19.Be quiet with status diminished (6)
22.Scavenger with cry of triumph securing desire (5)
23.Book club giving away last pen (4)
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