Cryptic Crossword from the Sunday Hindu (24th January 2016) - Fillable and with hints & solution

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1.Transported from point after time, bearing north (6)
4.Sad, vocal, befuddled? That'll be the brandy (8)
10.Freeloading artist with singular appeal, one protected by cover in retirement (9)
11.Upset in middle of plea, breaking free (5)
12.Endlessly ridicule language about love and meditation (13)
14.One exacting retribution against foe finally consumed by fury (7)
16.Musical fashionable in the past (7)
17.Goat mostly inhabiting rocky lair in country (7)
19.Follow triumph (7)
20.Method of solving problems in revolutionary manner with country in panic (5,3,5)
23.Bitterness holding good? That's nonsense (5)
24.Odd tips recur in sacred text (9)
25.Order son to follow obligations, restricting noise (8)
26.Believe in sacred item (6)

1.In particular spot, holding diamonds up above everything (10)
2.Show again some clearer understanding (5)
3.Bird, as revealed by sad page in press, gone (9,6)
5.Old-fashioned roguish spies turned up (7)
6.Vine that's damaged receiving repair (8,7)
7.Describe food shop smart entrepreneur's opening (9)
8.Team gave expression of relief, reportedly (4)
9.Spout garbled rubbish initially in daze (6)
13.Gained impression about king followed by me in awe (10)
15.Doctor in place in Washington, first off, on day beset by difficulties (9)
18.Learner when in classes disregarding right books of charts (7)
19.Guard head of state on arrival (6)
21.Plump for quantity of sandwiches (5)
22.Support article with stake (4)
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