The Sunday Hindu Cryptic Crossword No. 2932 dated 26th February 2017 - Fillable and with hints and solution

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1.Party in middle of tragedy following old-fashioned drill (6-7)
9. Free revolutionary for example raised band (5)
10. Repetitive song, after fashion, endlessly incisive (9)
11.Number, by end of episode in yarn, endangered (10)
12.Solid mass behind tree (4)
14.Book with translation of woeful poem (7)
15.Relish, in south and north, energy in language (7)
16.Understanding map they revised (7)
18.Picture that is, around edge, not right (7)
20.Studied colour in speech (4)
21.Total class trained regardless of expense (2,3,5)
24. Novel told one about man receiving benefit (2,3,4)
25.Stumble, beginning to explain nonsense (5)
26.Dance creator in job with reverse of average work ahead of her (13)

1.Odds on rodent getting fish (5)
2.Open, admitting hesitation before good experience (7)
3.Turn up with answer, overdue, about university review (2-8)
4. Complete race, second last in event, restricted by poor swimming style (9,6)
5.Pest revels, being mistaken for film director (6,9)
6.Distance covered by main character (4)
7.Stone jar containing nickel (7)
8.Politician in sedate broadcast in charge (8)
13.Number on course breaking through in province (4,6)
14. Insect with steady pace consuming old vegetable (8)
17.Insincere in company about wine (7)
19.One page on change missing tons in town (7)
22.Promise small display (5)
23.Prohibition some have tolerated (4)
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