Cryptic Crossword from the Sunday Hindu No. 2838 (26th April 2015) - Fillable and with solution

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1.Enthusiastic male team heading off (6)
4.A British opera, length unusual (8)
9.Derby winner in USA, possibly blazing a trail (9)
11.Good hospital entering appropriate contest (5)
12.Fairy tale, a legend, enthrals when broadcast (6,3,6)
13.A grant secured by the gymnast, perhaps (7)
15.One dubious name for a gaseous element (4)
18.Touch brass instrument in retreat (4)
19.Erratic heir, way out (7)
22.Unpredictable type, any one of the last three characters? (7,8)
24. 'Chose' - past tense shown in dictionary (5)
25.Make drunk supply a beer in it (9)
26.Like a minor in short dungarees, playing (5-3)
27.Vegetable in season, one pound (6)

1.I agree to try and try (4,4)
2.Seaman's popular article is good for a drink (8)
3.Brusque, in sister's estimation (5)
5.Getting on? Put up pension (8,5)
6.Collection made by Conservative supporting bid (9)
7.Large number blowing top after start of match (6)
8.Agree to take off and attack (3,3)
10.Outstrip lad with vast engine, surprisingly (5,8)
14.Elaborate stitch (9)
16.Watchful living at resort (8)
17.Enjoying great health? Yes (4,4)
20.Kudos involved first to unravel puzzle (6)
21.Fish dead? Moved on ice (6)
23.Square up holding end of lager bottle (5)
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