Cryptic Crossword from The Sunday Hindu (No. 2723 of 27-1-2013) (Fillable and with hints and solution)

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1.Make a further judgement about foolish female? (8)
5.You're reportedly an American with a heavenly body (6)
9.City in Brazil surrounded by delightful lake (8)
10.Peninsula in part of Russia (not South) (6)}
12.A profit, not for the first time (5)
13.Swivels round and dog runs away (5,4)
14.I must leave info on dead consumed by ordnance fired, expendable men (6,6)
18.In which every second one is a starter (12)
21.Professor's soft seat? (4,5)
23.Delicate, fellow at bar (5)
24.Reckless plan involving aide de-camp (6)
25.Legislators upset stores across North America (8)
26.Beam spanning river, it may be an uncommon object (6)
27.Model players playing similar roles (8)

1.Rogue in Dartmoor, a 'scally' (6)
2.Charm may be a quiet ringing of bells (6)
3.Show violence towards robust member (6-3)
4.Annie Oakley, for example, a fireball (8,4)
6.A puzzle for Rankin's inspector (5)
7.Name US conductor appearing in French region (8)
8. Second shaded avenue cook shows young children (5,3)
11.In England, carry out a type of theft (5,7)
15.Motivated by girlfriend, no longer current? (3,2,4)
16.Flag master unfurled round about (8)
17.Campaigner more offensive about Salvation Army (8)
19.Greek island area producing a savoury pastry (6)
20.Private room near top of tower (6)
22.Skill with boats (5)
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Created at 08.15 hrs IST on 27-01-2013

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