Cryptic Crossword from the Sunday Hindu (27th March 2016) - Fillable and with solution

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1.Clumsy person breaking section in wall (7)
5.Discourage delay (3,3)
8.Reliable police officer with watchword back in base (6-8)
10.Left with desire to disrupt mad show (10)
11.Ring linked to odd elements in sale of capital (4)
13.Learn good tip (5)
14.Air in large shed (9)
15.Controller's true goal ruined by resistance (9)
17.Substitute returning pass with doubtful expression (5)
19.Gain vase, according to report (4)
20.Pressure to join in courses arranged for part of orchestra (10)
23.Fellows taken in by devious effect, false modesty (4-10)
24.Level enclosure filled with mineral (6)
25.Article in store, not right for impetuous type (7)

1.Exercises on record oddly involving monarch and hierarchy (7,5)
2.Agent with service admitting large defeat (7)
3.Agreeably different panel last year (10)
4.River in wood, miles away (5)
5.Prepared to erupt if getting little cake? (5,4)
6.Attempt to encapsulate love for city of Paris? (4)
7.Flower father planted on raised area, I notice (7)
9.No admittance after development is polluted (12)
12.Benefit in advancement for young person (10)
14.Book entirely about loud insect (9)
16.Something with which chap covers part of body? (7)
18.Language used by machines extensively (7)
21.Disagree with Conservative whip (5)
22.At a distance from Nadal, upset? (4)
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