Cryptic Crossword from the Sunday Hindu (27th September 2015) - Fillable and with hints and solution

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1.Broadcast omits a cub, extremely small (9)
6.Story reversed within eighty minutes (4)
8.Commercial cars and farm vehicles, carbon-free? They'll manage (14)
10.Annoying one in front of king and son in capital city (7)
11.Crumbly crisp coating that is more strongly flavoured (7)
12.Voice necessary to debate normally (5)
14.Post-Victorian dawn I read about (9)
16.Problem with fraud United Nations beat (9)
18.Dreams ending in rubble in skips (5)
20.Deeds in parties lacking force (7)
22.Large alien with soft feathers? It's a disappointment (3-4)
24.Play new role in judo team (5,3,6)
25.Slip in small joke (4)
26.State perfect answer, suppressing wrong ones (9)

1.Analyst of data that's roughly intact as it is (12)
2.Yokel having impact on family (7)
3.Colour and energy in dance (5)
4.Soldier, using aromatic substance with hesitation, receiving support (9)
5.Run into police group (5)
6.Parade involving endless trouble for powerful woman (9)
7.Interim changes for stations (7)
9.Substantial artist holding positions popular as singer and actor (5,7)not solved My guess is FRANK SINATRA
13.Recording's first tune does sadly deteriorate (3,2,4)
15.I'm drained, enthralled by upset today in tennis tournament (9)
17.Overall employment system (7)
19.Volume is in poor, distressed condition (7)
21.Star initially followed by ardent crowd (5)not solved
23.Clubs in genuine agreement to end hostilities (5)
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