Cryptic Crossword from the Sunday Hindu No. 2847 (28th June 2015) - Fillable and with hints and solution

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1.Player's skill changed his aims in cup (12)
9.Headdress and odd items from trip abroad (5)
10.Persistent soldier perhaps following royal female, ignoring public relations (9)
11.Ordinary article in house (7)
12.States Spain opposed (6)
14.Cross, missing northern resort (3)
16.Supercilious in charge, having fresh food sent round (6-5)
17.Bit of wood used for mending fences? (5,6)
18.Vegetable from month back (3)
20.Songbird is able to change, leaving out verse (6)
21.Lines about entering into legal actions (7)
24.Promise prize, late in being arranged (9)
25.Scene caused by saint breaking through (5)
26.Fashion in a sense is tragic (5-7)

1.Doctor with obligations guarding against inducements (7)
2.Produce small puppet (5)
3.Novelist's plan involving group on river and volcano mostly written up (9,6)
4.Revised main warning about force in allegory (6,4)
5.Dry time for religious group (4)
6.Rapturous vein then has to be modified to keep calm (2,7,6)
7.Room in church designed as crypt is lacking power (8)
8.Escort at first in touch with purpose (6)
13.Unravel oddly absorbing account, ending in your everyday language (10)
15.Lose support of knight, put away after a deception (8)
17.Interest people hold (6)
19.Insect problem upset horse (7)
22.Japanese food coming in pleases us highly (5)
23.Support lord in speech (4)
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