The Sunday Hindu Crossword dated 28th August 2016 - Fillable and with hints & solution

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1.Leading figure accepted support with hesitation (8-6)
9.Complain about deceiver (4)
10.Expert politician can start to gain encouragement (9)
12.Outdoor work English rain ruined (4-3)
13.Track bearing north and south and back (7)
14.Inflexible doctor with refusal left one suffering itch (10)
16.Mug following wizard (4)
18.Going westward in trek under attack (4)
19.Break from working not possessed by fearful energy (10)
21.Cakes made with rice as arranged, about fifty (7)
22.Strong batting, perfect? (7)
24.Just qualified after event's leader gave up (9)
26.Gold used by artist to create atmosphere (4)
27.Moving dirt, spared poor burrowing arachnid (8,6)

2.Rubbish, tons ready (5)
3.Number above thousand in assembly as a rule (8)
4.Hopes to have endless jelly and food (11)
5.Swindle involving upper-class pair (3)
6.Use line in poem strangely unknown (6)
7.Control, say, put back (9)
8.Court star with degree of error, sadly losing love (5,7)
11.Opening remark about church and people (12)
13.Sins in tales designed to produce piety (11)
15.Family upset before I praise a racing driver (4,5)
17.Processed meat finished on drive over island (8)
20.Elevated biography covering time with depth (6)
23.Courage never wavering (5)
25.Shout of disapproval from oaf, right away (3)
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