Solution to Sunday Hindu Crossword No. 2834 (published in Bangalore edition on Sunday, 29th March 2015)Fillable and with solution

1.Living quarters round a royal residence (6)
4.Musician having grand spot close to microphone in pub (8)
10.Playwright's role hasn't changed (9)ANAGRAM of ROLE HASNT
11.Raccoon-like animal in Japan, dangerous (5)
12.A toasted sandwich and rice our mosque unexpectedly produced around noon (6-8)ANAGRAM of RICE OUR MOSQUE+N for NOON
14.Conservative entering draw for money (5)
16.Sponsor of daughter university rejected, surprisingly (9)ANAGRAM of OF DAGHTER (DAUGHTER from which U for UNIVERSITY is deleted)
17.Hotly pursuing filly, run unwisely having caught cold (2,4,3)ANAGRAM of FILLY RUN+C for CAUGHT
19.Sprinkle right into casserole (5)
20.Use this when driving off at first? (4-4,6)
23.Loaded in large Yemeni port (5)
24.Troubled by brief that's limited (9)
25.Aide-memoire concerning bodyguard (8)
26.Terrible rage after child makes accusation (6)ANAGRAM of RAGE+CH for CHILD

1.Seen from 13, perhaps, in harbour, copper is checking lines (10)
2.Rope in young woman, opposed at first (5)
3.Eat whole amount in wafer (7)
5.Everyone amazed, reportedly, over effort accepted as part of normal routine (3,2,1,4,4)
6.A hot spice dad and I got in park abroad (7)ANAGRAM of PA for FATHER+I PARK
7.Clerk in stall with drug dealer (9)
8.Not quite willing to study (4)
9.Article on wonderful revolution in British society (3,5,6)
13.To tie game this may have been deployed in defence (10)
15.Record, a minute about proposal made to get a watertight structure (9)
18.Spectacles - girl has lost a good number inside (7)
19.Go round, check about a vegetable (7)
21.King, say - one responsible for a line? (5)
22.Short publisher's puff leaves a confused impression (4)
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