Cryptic Crossword from the Sunday Hindu (29th May 2016) - Fillable and with hints & solution

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1.Endless story family doctor developed into topic (7,5)
9.A door well designed for truck (3-6)ANAGRAM of A DOOR WELL
10.Have home next to old green (5)
11.Plant receiving a gentle touch (6)
12.Solid vessel in trouble (8)
14.If teased badly, time to be despondent (9)ANAGRAM of IF TEASED+T for TIME
15.Range covered by disco perhaps (5)CONTAINED INSIDE
16.In distress, divided (3,2)
17.Fearful about agent, turned and ran away (9)
19.Final net value resolved (8)ANAGRAM of NET VALUE
21.Stoat's hesitation in front of pit (6)
23.One not using animal products for example in vehicle (5)
24.Serious post in place in Kent (9)
25.Station group angry after tea (7,5)

1.Wrong test for the oddly reliable person (5,2,8)ANAGRAM of WRONG TEST FOR THE
2.Hurry up and appear with second instrument (4,5)
3.Home and dry, having no heart for form of racing (4)
4.Enormous worry newspaper raised with trade union article (10)
5.Egg-shaped ornament initially empty (5)
6.Union rebel sighs, ordered to show sociability (15)ANAGRAM of UNION REBEL SIGHS
7.Mild pressure applied to edge of Bakewell tart (6)
8.Great footballer occupied by work for human beings (6)
13.Musical song's aim is varied (4,6)ANAGRAM of SONGS AIM IS
15.Wild horse, pure one with unusual power (9)ANAGRAM of HORSE PURE
16.Stick around with permission (6)
18.Democrat studies fears (6)
20.Number on love right for singer (5)
22.Powder used by hospital cleaner (4)CONTAINED INSIDE
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