1.A bishop's booklet, conceptual (8)
5.Endless dexterity required in vehicle drawn by reindeer (6)
9.Stable studies article during series of races (8)
10.Green permit displayed on front of caravan (6)
11. Film barrister with experience (5,9)
14.Superior using a couple of books (Old Testament) (5)
15.Intricate patterns round southern parts of cathedrals (9)
17.Laid index out for New Orleans jazz (9)
19.A pair on part of airfield (5)
20.Dracula - wicked vampire, halted crossing lake (4,3,7)
23.Key in on purpose (6)
24.Share a hobby (8)
25.Plantation close to Riverdale, Georgia, perhaps (6)
26.Nurse got boiled fish (8)

1.Knowing tramp's got miles away (4)
2.Competitor getting under small tree for shelter (6,3)
3.About to handle withdrawal (7)
4.Focus on coin in box (11)
6.Alliance's former measures (7)
7.Bay home leased (5)
8.King's wife's demise in novel (7,3)
12.Cryptic clue to named painter (6,5)
13.Poorly valued, live music hall (10)
16.Exercise runs rigorous? Keep at it (9)
18.Like the dodo, once caught in shade (7)
19.Layman, a friend, visiting ancient city (7)
21.General feeling of anxiety in Pyongyang stores (5)
22.Shock heads coming over (4)
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Created at 08.30 hrs IST on 30th March 2014

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