The Sunday Hindu Crossword No. 2819 (30th November 2014)(Fillable and with hints and solution- SOLUTION AT THE BOTTOM OF PAGE (For solution, click here)

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Across: (For solution, click here)
1.Runs excellent competition (4)
3.A theologian is given a couple of degrees in African capital (5,5)
9.Old robber in bottom flat (7)
11.Captivate some in French Antilles (7)
12.Locum's posting is spurious reveals journalist (6,9)
13.Leaves here, perhaps (3,5)
14.There's nothing, nothing like an egg (5)
17.The Parisian's left object in lorry (5)
18.Leaves, describing a ship's journeys (8)
21.Console and look after one member of the government (7,8)
23.CD containing lively minor hymn tune (7)
24.Last character to leave town in Cornwall in sackcloth and ashes? (7)
25.Run away with one chum to find fair (10)
26.I spot game (1-3)

Down:(For solution, click here)
1.Good for son inside to turn down asylum (6)
2.Platform for Landseer? (5,4)
4.Gathered action involves Italy's leader (7)
5.In a perfect world, I'd join forces to conserve energy (7)
6.Housing agreement (13)
7.A coaster, one showing violin-maker (5)
8.Gift tied up at resort (8)
10.Albert, for example, arranged prison concert (6,7)
15.Implications, obvious ones (9)
16.Female Commander-in-Chief dropped into Asian sea? Absurd (8)
18.Crazy to stay over in German city (7)
19.Turned legs on favourite piece (7)
20.Voracious Greek eyed nervously (6)
22.Get bishop on phone (5)
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SOLUTION - Across - 1 R-ACE 3 A-DD-IS A-BA-BA 9 FOOT-PAD (A footpad is an archaic term for a robber or thief specialising in pedestrian victims.-Google) 11 ENCHANT 12 GOSSIP COLUMNIST 13 TEA CADDY (A tea caddy is a box, jar, canister, or other receptacle used to store tea.-Google) 14 O-VOID 17 ARTIC 18 P-A-SS-AGES 21 CABINET MINISTER 23 C-RIMON-D 24 PENANCE (Penzance is a town, civil parish and port in Cornwall, in England,-Google) 25 LEG-IT-I-MATE 26 I-SPY
DOWN - 1 REFU-G-E 2 CROWS NEST (Platform is in Crow's nest to look out for land -Google) 4 DE-DUCE-D 5 ID-E-ALLY 6 ACCOMMODATION 7 A-MAT-I 8 APTITUDE 10 PRINCE CONSORT 15 OVERT-ONES 16 F-AR-CIC-AL 18 POTS-DAM 19 SNIP-PET 20 GR-EEDY 22 B-RING