Cryptic Crossword from the Sunday Hindu No. 2843 (31st May 2015) - Fillable and with hints and solution

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1.Permit cry of pain in rage? No time (7)
5.Base linked to era producing amount of film (7)
9.Delivery from popular vocalist carrying weight (9)
10.Get over being annoyed (5)
11.Opening achieved by one in working for diamonds (7)
12.Reach junction going west in Welsh town (7)
13.Not allowed to be hostile for example with hint, dropping name (12)
17.Caught by evil demon, state criticism (12)
20.Rowing boat stuck behind loud river transport (7)
22.Followers showing energy come together and run around (7)
23.Correct people engaged by editor (5)
24.Silent pal bothered one involved in radio quiz? (9)
25.Swindled, receiving instrument reduced in strength (7)
26.Serious about following novelist endlessly (7)

1.Broadcast is copied in serial form (8)
2.Sweet old man not moving east (8)
3.One can, entertained by joker, miss point in play (7,3,5)
4.Lamented bird appearing on front of tabloid in colour (9)
5.Place for discussion in university in fashion (5)
6.Conducted groups high above small seats for audience (9,6)
7.Takes on commercial work, climbing street (6)
8.Officer among aliens ignored (6)
14.Notes Roman made all over the place (9)
15.Important person is being excited, accepting Oscar (3,5)
16.Upset head of state trapped by upper-class weed (8)
18.Bad result hurt (6)
19.Delight about answer let out (6)
21.I had to support favourite, taken up without enthusiasm (5)
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Created at 10.00 hrs IST on 31-05-2015 from Bangalore

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