The Sunday Hindu Crossword dated 31st July 2016 - Fillable and with hints & solution

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1.Mad dogs in rather hard bargaining (5-7)
9.Accommodated increase (3,2)
10.Porcelain's single feature covered by book article (4,5)
11.Sorry about piece inhibiting endless fun (10)
12.Source in good health (4)
14.Stupid, miles behind inspector (3)
15.Not on, cruelly dismissing verse in bossy style (11)
17.Bottle with nothing inside irritated northern film star (6,5)
19.Right account about estate? (3)
20.Spoils sound of stringed instrument (4)
21.Card from old English poet filled with love (10)
24.Guess clue wrongly in rush (9)
25.Time occupied by leading pair in return match (5)
26.The art involved in cookery is awesome (12)

2.Choose mother to protect one? That's best (7)
3.Individual in charge following us up very fast (10)
4.Story about British chart (5)
5.Presenter can run one ragged (9)
6.Desire degree? No pressure (4)
7.Top tips for explorer in good small aircraft (7)
8.Big early bid, working with energy, to make military crossing (6,6)
9.Broadcast serial, top sad epic (8,4)
13.Spot empty space at close range (5-5)
16.Guy with role became unable to cope (4,5)
18.Saw traveller in lead (7)
19.Facial expression after tea showing dissatisfaction (7)
22.Handle danger, disposing of hydrogen (5)
23.Pretty odd members of club, then? (4)
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Created at 05.00 hrs IST on 31-07-2016 from Bangalore

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