The Sunday Hindu Crossword No. 2806 (31st August 2014)(Fillable and with hints and solution- SOLUTION AT THE BOTTOM OF PAGE (For solution, click here)

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Across: (For solution, click here)
1.A quiet Italian river location may be suitable (8)
5.A wife, after lively dances, brings out puzzle (6)
9.A tiger, for example, better groomed by mother (3-5)
10.Armed guard in foreign sector (6)
12.Small drop to drink before opening of Anouilh play (5)
13.Arranger ran orgies in resort (9)
14.Everything's ready - Sally nervously checks zip (3,7,2)
18.Fail utterly in warehouse to get articles placed round piano (2,4,3,3)
21.Hostile military command makes one uncomfortable (3,2,4)
23.Cold leaving chest tender (5)
24.Attempt to secure one pound for a hat (6)
25.Amusement caused by it during Spring term at Oxford (8)
26.Hand-rolled cigarette in jacket (6)
27.Ship carrying right flag (8)

Down:(For solution, click here)
1.Navy member, a US lawyer (6)
2.Friendly foreign correspondent? (3,3)
3.Naval base was focal point, primarily in the wars (5,4)
4.Those people getting to a super new play (3,9)
6.Playwright at home having caught disease (5)
7.Director crosses off last character in scene (8)
8.Battle song (8)
11.Encourages Arnold, perhaps, to get something for breakfast? (4,8)
15.Expand on complex (9)
16.Shiny silver paper in the street? (8)
17.Ring found over in a river in Australian city (8)
19.Declare one's commitment to a small female company (6)
20.Earnest request made by pair over New Year (6)
22.Story about bishop and food (5)
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SOLUTION - Across - 1 A-P-PO-SITE 5 JIGS-A-W 9 MA-N EATER 10 ESCORT 12 DRAM-A 13 ORGANISER 14 ALL SY-TEMS GO 18 GO DOWN THE P-AN 21 ILL AT EASE 23 OFFER 24 TR-I-LB-Y 25 HILAR-IT-Y (Hilary term is the second academic term of the Universities of Oxford-Google) 26 REEFER 27 ST-R-EAMER Down - 1 ARM-A-DA 2 PEN PAL 3 SCAPA FLO-W (Scapa Flow is a body of water in the Orkney Islands in UK, which was selected as the main British naval base during WWII - Google) 4 THE M-OUSETRAP 6 I-BSE-N (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE), commonly known as mad cow disease, is a fatal disease in cattle - Google) 7 SCORSES-E 8 WATERLOO (Waterloo is the first single from Swedish pop group ABBA's second album Waterloo. This was also the first single to be credited as "ABBA" - Google) 11 EGGS BENEDICT (Eggs Benedict is an American breakfast dish that consists of two halves of an English muffin, topped with ham or bacon, poached eggs, and Hollandaise sauce. - Google) 15 ELABORATE 16 AG-LITTER 17 A-DE-LAID-E 19 A-F-FIRM 20 PR-AYER 22 TA-B-LE