PECK (Partha's Easy Cryptic Krossword) (01-August 2013) (Fillable)

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3.Animal sporting one horn? (5)
6.Falsehoods in isle (4)
7.Familiar Tsar holds craft (4)
8.Clergyman moves diagonally? (6)
13.Came across nearly rich system (6)
14.Pain in reaches (4)
15.Testament in future? (4)
16.Beneath two foreign articles (5)

1.I arranged bail as an excuse (5)
2.Quickly consuming eastern banquet (5)
4.He appears in a pile (4)
5.Eton changes do or re (4)
9.Poem sounds due (3)
10.Fifty one art returns in spoor (5)
11.Short science aged to berate (5)
12.Examine part of Tuscany (4)
13.Nothing but a lake (4)
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Created on 20-08-2013

APAKU (அபாகு (அம்ருதா, பார்த்தசாரதி குறுக்கெழுத்து - 54 ஆகஸ்ட் 2013

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