Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No. 3244 dated 01-03-2020 (Bangalore)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 Foreign office with its back to the wall (6)
4 Rousing game in Dutch city (8)
9 Sandwiches and drinks (6)
10 Row not unexpected in Northern Ireland parliament (8)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of NOT
12 A Greek has one article, then I have another (8)
13 Fitting task for a puzzle addict? (6)
15 Still in uniform (4)
16 A pretty sash for a Scots dance (10)ANAGRAM of PRETTY SASH
19 Dish liable to be made without proper dressing (10)ANAGRAM of DISH LIABLE
20 Lame ducks maybe (4)
23 How one might be cast as Captain Bligh? (6)
25 Pay-phone betting (8)
27 Very likely to prove capable of exploration? (8)
28 A number tucked into a bird in the inn (6)
29 When high water is low (4,4)
30 The number increases in emergencies (6)

1 Line of defence resulting from counsels’ anger (7)
2 One shrugs off such vulgarity (9)ANAGRAM of ONE SHRUGS
3 Daren’t become passionate! (6)ANAGRAM of DARENT
5 Not quick or not quick enough (4)
6 Settled honestly (8)
7 But they don’t make imprisonment any smoother (5)
8 It could be used to make a getaway (7)ANAGRAM of GETAWAY
11 Flier in a flat spin (7)ANAGRAM of IN A FLAT
14 and 21 Down: Coaches follow their progress on the track (7,7)
17 Mistakenly he praises hypocrites (9)ANAGRAM of HE PRAISES
18 Position of respect on the staff (4-4)ANAGRAM of SAID DONE
19 Dad, after commercial, seen in study expressionless (7)
21 See 14
22 Go off to find another partner (6)
24 Spanish wine jar I smashed when empty (5)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of JAR I
26 Caught boy getting dressed (4)
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