Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Chennai (3038 of 01-05-2016)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 Ram-raider in prison? (7)
5 Beat a doctor in the final (7)
9 Reading about a description of a wood perhaps (7)ANAGRAM of READING
10 It's a ban put out - so keep away (7)ANAGRAM of ITS A BAN
11 Is inclined to stop in the backstreet (5)
12 River rose possibly to fill it (9)ANAGRAM of RIVER ROSE
13 Tremulous with excitement I'd return the call (9)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of ID THE
15 Return to deposit gold sovereign (5)
16 Type badly putting an extra 't' in trivial (5)ANAGRAM of TYPE T
18 Difficult for the actor? Shame (4,5)
21 Upsets open containers (9)
24 Smallest possible quantity of cereal (5)
25 Cutting but about right (7)
26 Fiddles by mixing oil in French wines (7)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of OIL
27 Put off by act that included a song (7)
28 Leaves singers all at sea (7)ANAGRAM of SINGERS

1 Being badly hid gets seen (7)ANAGRAM of HID GETS
2 Opposed to profits at the outset (7)
3 Where there's some order in the retreat (9)
4 A cyclist maybe with adjustable weight (5)
5 But it is not sweetbread (4,5)
6 He doesn't give much away (5)
7 Perhaps to many a branch of medicine (7)ANAGRAM of TO MANY A
8 A growing attachment (7)
14 From being in the red I possibly came into money (9)ANAGRAM of IN THE RED I
15 One girl is converted in churches (9)ANAGRAM of ONE GIRL IS
16 Go on - take legal action (7)
17 The bird Eric let out (7)ANAGRAM of ERIC LET
19 Getting closer - in range maybe (7)ANAGRAM of IN RANGE
20 Source of pain to employ in crimes (7)
22 Leisurely way to enter a Scottish river (5)
23 Cut and serve out (5)ANAGRAM of SERVE
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