Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Chennai (3157 of 01-07-2018)Fillable and with solution)

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1 Knocked out so no cup tickets required (7)ANAGRAM of SO NO CUP
5 Eve late may get a lift (7)ANAGRAM of EVE LATE
9 Take steps to keep down (7)
10 Moved I re-echo the goodbye (7)ANAGRAM of I REECHO
11 Saddle and take horse about midnight (5)
12 Work in the surgery, yet Dr isn't involved (9)ANAGRAM of YET DR ISNT
13 He may take an interest in banking (9)
15 Goes on the roller-coaster perhaps (5)
16 Stage make-up (5)
18 He fixes the rate of course (9)
21 It is taken firmly in hand before bottlenecks are cleared (9)
24 Made a low sound (5)
25 It takes pluck to remove it (7)
26 It should have a safety pin in it (7)
27 The craft of the cook (7)
28 Settles for ten less in exchange (7)ANAGRAM of TEN LESS

1 Provided for a domestic pet and wild deer (7)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of DEER
2 Honest comment on the cost of living (2-3-2)
3 He gets some people down (9)
4 Horse stepped very softly out (5)
5 Crank, socially and mechanically (9)
6 Emile provides resin (5)ANAGRAM of EMILE
7 Such waters may make small splashes (7)
8 Opens my translation with distinguishing titles (7)ANAGRAM of OPENS MY
14 Upper class, leading artist (3,6)
15 Doesn't forget about people in society (9)
16 They stow away on board (7)
17 Slow train that follows one who is late (7)
19 A professor of infinite wisdom (7)
20 Put right - a slipping bandage (7)
22 Pushing forwards (5)
23 It carries a load past between two points (5)
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