Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore (3018 of 01-11-2015)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 It reminds me repeatedly not to change (7)ME ME for ME REPEATEDLY+ANAGRAM of NOT
5 Succeed - but not at horseriding (4,3)
9 Denies being seen coming back carrying a gun (7)
10 Tommy's quiet; possibly a sign of illness (7)ANAGRAM of TOMMYS+P for QUIET
11 Admit having won somehow and in a superior position (3,2)ANAGRAM of OWN+UP for SUPERIOR POSITION
12 Those using it walked to work (9)
13 Incapable of climbing the summit? (3,2,2,2)
15 A step in trade reform (5)ANAGRAM of TRADE
16 Nitre perhaps put into the ground (5)ANAGRAM of NITRE
18 Wrote a quick note and left in a hurry (6,3)
21 NCO translated letters for soldier (9)ANAGRAM of NCO+SCRIPT for LETTERS
24 Uplift revealed by bra is exceptional (5)CONTAINED INSIDE
25 Kind of shirt with a frill - very tasteful (7)
26 The converse of friends (7)
27 A devout leader insists they're cruel (7)
28 A word of praise (7)

1 Rainy day in the near future (7)
2 Three wise men not in line (7)
3 As used for writing down music? (9)
4 Stone is thrown in making attack (5)ANAGRAM of STONE
5 Test cases involving recorders perhaps (9)ANAGRAM of TEST CASES
6 Acted dumb (5)
7 Describe roughly what is no longer stocked (7)
8 Didn't feel at all well (7)
14 They're square sundials for example (3-6)
15 He is held by a form of respect and revulsion (3,6)ANAGRAM of HE RESPECT
16 Eggs it's nice to scramble (7)ANAGRAM of ITS NICE
17 One's boots may be licked (7)
19 There's nothing to restrict the view (7)
20 The South African flag (7)
22 Slaps on the wrist (5)
23 Some human ones are canine (5)
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Created at 08.30 hrs IST on 01-11-2015 from Bangalore

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