Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times Bangalore (2927 dated 02-02-2014) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Leg-spinner's pride's hurt (6)ANAGRAM of PRIDES
4.A tramp is making a stewf beef (8)ANAGRAM of A TRAMP IS
9.Cathy's rocking the boats (6)ANAGRAM of CATHYS
10.It's for drawing daily fuel (8)
12. Make annoyed and angry about unfinished ceremony (8)
13.Food taken from the hand (6)NOT SOLVED
15.There's no approval for retreat (4)
16.A rendition becoming excessive (10)ANAGRAM of A RENDITION
19.Untidy diary reads badly (10)ANAGRAM of READS DIARY
20.A meeting of hands to express approval (4)
23.A number sail out east in case (6)ANAGRAM of V for NUMBER+E for EAST+SAIL
25.I covered for ex-union member (8)ANAGRAM of I COVERED
27.They are paid by formal visitors (8)
28.Sort of spirit produced by Noel (6)
29.Old Italian Centaurs running amok (8)ANAGRAM of CENTAURS
30.Believe an account's right (6)

1.Staying out in the dark (7)ANAGRAM of STAYING
2.Becoming liable to debts without interest (9)
3.Property gets one thousand short of estimate (6)
5.He follows the account painfully (4)
6.Aquatic creature quietly goes into the ground (8)
7.Scent the beginning of a romance (5)
8.Reputation for enjoying poor health? (3-4)
11.Antoine may be from a famous school (7)ANAGRAM of ANTOINE
14.Country where men burst into song (7)
17.Local date incorrectly given out (9)ANAGRAM of LOCAL DATE
18.Shakespearean magician's ring vanishes with flourishes (8)
19.Terribly grieved, draw apart (7)ANAGRAM of GRIEVED
21.Stop before exhaustion (7)
22.A wave that makes a wave (6)
24.Not the first to change roles (5)ANAGRAM of ROLES
26.Tourists see it in Sicily before rising (4)
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Created at 15.30 hrs IST on 02-02-2014

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