Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No.3166 dated 02-09-2018 (Bangalore)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 Crazy lament (6)ANAGRAM of LAMENT
4 Members of the society have a lot in common (8)
9 Result, strangely in a glossy appearance (6)ANAGRAM of RESULT
10 Stretches toward us perhaps (5,3)ANAGRAM of TOWARD US
12 Our haste ruined the distribution (5-3)ANAGRAM of OUR HASTE
13 Mixed up Presbyterian not best in this (6)
15 Famous ship is short of height (4)
16 This comes of ignoring established customs (10)
19 Commanding individual with important role to play (7,3)
20 Nothing to the German although it's his frontier (4)
23 Servant going to a dance (6)
25 Motorists waiting for a chance to pass (8)
27 Like a shattering snore by a worker (8)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of SNORE
28 Morels dropped for a bite to eat (6)ANAGRAM of MORELS
29 Attacked and made to run (6,2)
30 Strangely remote kind of star (6)ANAGRAM of REMOTE

1 Smiles awkwardly at a girl (7)ANAGRAM of SMILES A
2 Lost again, maybe and longing to get home (9)ANAGRAM of LOST AGAIN
3 After inflation it offers comfort (3,3)
5 Food for the journey? (4)
6 A feature that may be dropped with surprise (5,3)
7 Hard wood fashioned by one (5)ANAGRAM of BY ONE
8 Rude tot has to be made to be taught (7)ANAGRAM of RUDE TOT
11 Gundogs disturb mammals (7)ANAGRAM of GUNDOGS
14 RAF sets out for attack (7)ANAGRAM of RAF SETS
17 He is named for the post (9)
18 The extent to which diets can vary (8)ANAGRAM of DIETS CAN
19 It was in form when young (7)
21 His depradations affect the stockholder (7)
22 Go over undulating track (6)ANAGRAM of GO OVER
24 Light beam that's very strong (5)
26 News cut short (4)
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