Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore (2966 of 19-10-2014) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Gallery finds finale a welcome surprise (7)
5.The egghead spoke in French with one on the issue (7)
9.Object when put into torn clothing (7)
10.Note the winner of a possession order (7)
11.Actor in a run (5)
12.Country code changed in rage (9)ANAGRAM of CODE+MANIA for RAGE
13.Unusually smart line in electrical connections (9)ANAGRAM of SMART LINE
15.Problem children (5)
16.Manor transformed into a type of villa (5)ANAGRAM of MANOR
18.Never satisfied, Titania's changed direction (9)ANAGRAM of TITANIAS+E for DIRECTION
21.Rows of houses to sell by state order (9)ANAGRAM of VEND for SELL+STATE
24.One out of bed seen going upstairs (5)
25.He should be able to identify any salt compound (7)ANAGRAM of ANY SALT
26.Free delivery (7)
27.She is given two articles set in a case (7)
28. Closest anagram to 20 down (7)ANAGRAM of 20Down (A STERNE)

1.Could be coat for a chap without sleeve? (7)
2.Vessel is dry docked having another refit (7)ANAGRAM of DR for DRYOCKED+REFIT
3.The Spanish girl, putting it back on, achieves uplift (9)
4.Churned up mud at the starting line (5)ANAGRAM of MUD AT
5. Applies for training (9)
6.Classic appearing in 151 AD (5)
7.Gives voice and breaks the tension (7)ANAGRAM of TENSION
8.Hastened up with speed to tell the tale (7)
14.Terrible riot tales of a philosopher (9)ANAGRAM of RIOT TALES
15.Where Albania introduced prohibition (among other things) (5,4)
16. Discloses that several changes need to be made (7)ANAGRAM of SEVERAL
17.A command and the ship's officer who gives it out (7)
19.Chopped sausage to relieve hunger (7)ANAGRAM of SAUSAGE
20.Dedicated a Sterne novel (7)ANAGRAM of A TERNE
22.Type out a letter in a foreign country (5)ANAGRAM of TYPE+G for LETTER
23.A fascinating woman about to be detected in depravity (5)
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