Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No.3188 dated 03-02-2019 (Chennai)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 Beer -- or punch (6)
4 Owes cash for the display cupboard (8)ANAGRAM of OWES CASH
9 A trading record? (6)
10 A plane tested and given the ok (8)
12 Cutting teeth (8)
13 He has a stable job (6)
15 He's very stupid to continue (4)
16 Fly from the policeman (10)
19 Temperate sort of them sailors ring us about (10)
20 Keep a firm hold on your luggage (4)
23 Tone adopted by doctor coming in weary (6)
25 A bright little pupil? (5,3)
27 Paper thrown at the match (8)
28 Very cold ice tracts not set out (6)ANAGRAM of IC TRAC - ICE TRACTS from which SET is deleted
29 Plainchant? (8)
30 New star I'd follow is a girl (6)ANAGRAM of STAR ID

1 Leaving things late? (7)
2 Ridiculous, ridiculous, ridiculous I quit (9)ANAGRAM of RIDCULOUS - RIDICULOUS from which I is deleted
3 Lines to a ship back in port (6)
5 Fruit attached to the trunk (4)
6 The factory dance in situ (8)
7 It is struck by forgers (5)
8 Provide some backing with one's name (7)
11 The gardner likes to see it overgrown (7)
14 Freud upset about note being proved false (7)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of FREUD
17 Highland counsellor or persecutor (9)
18 Perfect lady about fifty (8)
19 What one may write about a recital (7)ANAGRAM of RECITAL
21 Having forced a way in I'd creep around (7)ANAGRAM of ID CREEP
22 Thinks a great deal of modern day raw materials (6)
24 Minister's house with only male quarters (5)
26 Astound without ado (4)
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Created at 10.15 hrs IST on 03-02-2019 from Chennai

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