Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times Bangalore (2874 of 03-03-2013) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Provide inspiration for a puzzle (6)
4.Made fish pie for the hungry (8)ANAGRAM of MADE FISH flower periodical (6)
10.Celebrated form of mahogany (8)ANAGRAM of MAHOGANY
12.Parson takes tea without milk or sugar (8)
13.Stick the notice in this place (6)
15.When the buzzer gets loud, complain (4)
16.One way and another I'll stop (10)
19.An organisation that delivers (6,4)
20.A better mark (4)
23.Material mother makes on request (6)
25.They're enquiry agents of course (8)
27.None left unhurt? (3,5)
28.walk slowly along the street with a list (6)
29.Girl holds no alternative site for Hamlet (8)
30.Virtuous but possibly cheats (6)ANAGRAM of CHEATS

1.What this youngster's mother did (7)
2.Snare set with meat for tigers perhaps (3-6)ANAGRAM of SNARE MEAT
3.Fast horses (6)
5.Call of the sea?
6.Swirling mist hides the way forward (8)
7.Gate returns may depend on its smooth operation (5)
8.Healthy lodging for prisoner charged with battery (3,4)
11.Read something aloud and acted it out (7)ANAGRAM of ACTED IT
14.An Italian poet? Not too fast (7)
17.Careless way to get into debt (9)
18.It requires an answer in quotes perhaps (8)ANAGRAM of IN QUOTES
19.Excessive bureaucracy tapered out (7)ANAGRAM of TAPERED
21.Decide to find a different answer (7)
22.Flicker of an electric light (6)
24.Loses form in the heat (5)
26.A woman cleaning fish (4)
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Created at 12.00 hrs IST on 03-03-2013

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