Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Chennai (2992 of 03-05-2015) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Polish picture showing Italian river (7)
5.Music room (7)
9.Fight to save a battered used car (7)ANAGRAM of USED CAR
10.Refuse to vote putting Jack on the spot (7)
11.Bella gets free ticket (5)>ANAGRAM of BELLA
12.Is he husky because of the cold (6,3)
13.Start badly but get a jewel, that's the plan (9)ANAGRAM of START+A GEM for A JEWEL
15.Business lacks go in Pakistan (5)
16.Points to the girl to follow (5)
18.Puts restriction on movement and worker strikes (9)
21.She's used to getting low scores (9)
24.Rigid measure (5)
25.A show presented before the show (7)
26.The doctor had lost his life (7)
27.It gives backing for actors (7)
28. More than one slice of the right allotment of shares (7)ANAGRAM of R for RIGHT+SHARES

1.Remembers and rings again (7)
2.Cry from a whale (7)
3.Sweet enough for Miss Bronte (9)
4.Her father's in the pop business (5)
5. Burglar jokes with servant (9)
6.A mass rising on the Indian border (5)ANAGRAM of A MASS
7.Impressed by a stockholder perhaps (7)
8.Pulls out Greene's novel (7)ANAGRAM of GREENES
14.Move in the middle and compromise (2,7)
15.Contract debts without interest (9)
16. Sees trouble, grans a hat and gets out (7)ANAGRAM of SEES+CAP for HAT
17.Frank seeing that there's a final note (7)
19.Spanish fascist part note a new angle (7)ANAGRAM of FA for FASCIST PART+ANGLE
20.Takes good steps not to have to walk in the streets (7)
22.Advance to rear? (5)
23.Precedence of command (5)
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Created at 11.15 hrs IST on 03-05-2015

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