Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore (3114 of 03-09-2017)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 Miss tea when involved in painting (7)ANAGRAM of MISS TEA
5 Unusually big task carried out by servicemen (7)ANAGRAM of BIG TASK
9 It gives ships loading room to spare maybe (7)ANAGRAM of TO SPARE
10 The exterior is due to undergo renovation (7)ANAGRAM of IS DUE TO
11 Bill is a first name (5)
12 The last runners try to be first in it (5,4)
13 Counterfeit cover for a lie (9)
15 A once wild area of the world (5)ANAGRAM of A ONCE
16 Roughly licks smooth (5)ANAGRAM of LICKS
18 Get into expensive habits? (5,4)
21 Start to play (7,2)
24 Assessed speed on start of descent (5)
25 It's an example of literal suppression (7)
26 Deliberate destruction of character maybe (7)
27 It's deep in distress, but undeterred (7)ANAGRAM of ITS DEEP
28 Is likely to fall for accountants? (7)

1 Arts master's pet dog (7)
2 A number walk wearily around - it's hard work (7)
3 Random inspection for any rash development? (4,5)
4 Go in or go in for (5)
5 Recognise learner has the advantage of scholarship (9)
6 Shabby teetotaller seen in Scottish river (5)
7 Liven things up in a team, perhaps (7)ANAGRAM of IN A TEAM
8 A spot of illicit drinking (7)
14 Cannon to right and left of one, by decree (9)
15 Watchful braves not taken by surprise (9)ANAGRAM of BRAVES NOT
16 Follow or pass (7)
17 Is run out after batting had collapsed (2,5)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of IS RUN
19 Appear very interested, then change employment (7)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of THEN
20 Trading records (7)
22 Jumping bail, I provide an excuse (5)ANAGRAM of BAIL I
23 Exercise around meadow and fold (5)
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