THE SUNDAY TIMES OF INDIA, BANGALORE SUNDAY CROSSWORD (3227 of 03-11-2019)Fillable and with solution)

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1 Leader apt to give murderer a break (7)
5 For enjoyment read some lines in bed (7)
9 Rock band (7)
10 General disorder, one gathers (7)ANAGRAM of GENERAL
11 It's due to love taking wing (5)
12 Mother goes to the country, but it's no saving (9)
13 One has one of them, another three (9)
15 Falls short of a pound note - forged perhaps (5)
16 Tie the ship up for the rest of the voyage (5)
18 Possible part­ner on trial in international game (4,5)
21 Direction for guardians? (9)
24 Crunchy crackers (5)
25 A starter for Alfred for instance (7)
26 The attendant's not responsible for it (7)
27 Uncommon payment for an author (7)
28 Save your money, mate (7)

1 Habits smugglers try to avoid (7)
2 Biased to some extent (7)
3 The sign of a celebrity (9)
4 Mr Runyan comes up: he has no settled occupation (5)
5 Matrimonial two-timers (9)
6 Ring an agent up at Covent Garden? (5)
7 A stylish timepiece (7)
8 Unusually angered and upset (7)ANAGRAM of ANGERED
14 Recovery in the closing stages by the side (9)
15 Female freedom fighters (9)
16 It has been soundly broken (7)
17 The truth about Italy's recpnstruction (7)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of ITALY
19 Ain't it a change to be fairy queen (7)ANAGRAM of AINT IT A
20 Had eyes strangely like an American yokel (7)ANAGRAM of HAD EYES
22 Attempt a pirouette (5)
23 What's new in mowing (5)ANAGRAM of WHATS
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