Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore (3062 of 04-09-2016)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 Stretches between bends (7)
5 Polish rule a QC produces (7)ANAGRAM of A RULE QC
9 Drastic solution to a union dispute (7)
10 Porridge for a stable diet (7)
11 Hole in bamboo boat (5)
12 Motorists won't be slow to fall into it (5-4)
13 They are known to go round with crooks (9)
15 Unusual chore for painters (5)ANAGRAM of CHORE
16 Establish how far a tennis player may be in the lead (3-2)
18 She parts company with an angler (9)
21 It's highly mysterious (3,6)
24 New parts silvery and gleaming (5)ANAGRAM of PARTS
25 Article on a brain disturbance from the Middle-East (7)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of A BRAIN
26 It follows US soldier into the pub (7)
27 Seen and ran straight into trap (7)ANAGRAM of SEEN RAN
28 Dip in the road is a problem for the tinker (7)

1 Rescued broken contracts (7)ANAGRAM of RESCUED
2 Further progress (7)
3 Taken in hand by the stockholder (9)
4 Strains to understand the footnote (5)
5 There's less noise from female cats (9)ANAGRAM of LESS NOISE
6 Quoted as being seen when heard (5)
7 Discover a hunter going another way (7)ANAGRAM of A HUNTER
8 A cause of ill-feeling again? (7)
14 Testimonial for a relation (9)
15 Give short change in error (9)ANAGRAM of GIVE SHORT
16 It's to be found in the estate agent's brochure (7)
17 They're associated with heads and tails (3,4)
19 Book covering part of North Africa (7)
20 Entail a change of name for a girl (7)ANAGRAM of ENTAIL A
22 I care about a growing girl (5)ANAGRAM of I CARE
23 Switch lit up bulb (5)ANAGRAM of LIT UP
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