Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore SUNDAY CROSSWORD (3175 of 04-11-2018)Fillable and with solution)

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1 They may indicate corporal punishment (7)
5 Siscloses that several changes need to be made (7)ANAGRAM of SEVERAL
9 Uncle Arthur's day off? It isn't apparent (7)CONTAINED INSIDE
10 Unending massacre can result in bitter complaint (7)ANAGRAM of MASSACR - UNENDING MASSACRE
11 Works and plays to music (5)
12 It's immoral to make money on a game (9)
13 She parts company with an angler (9)
15 Badly cared for timber (5)ANAGRAM of CARED
16 Be determined to attack (5)
18 Sees Latin as a sine qua non (9)ANAGRAM of SEES LATIN
21 Found out people's feelings about sand and caves (9)ANAGRAM of SAND CAVES
24 Instruction book? (5)
25 Ginger's stupid laugh (7)ANAGRAM of GINGERS
26 It's no longer enough to show what others should do (7)
27 Impudence rebuffed by stern traveller (7)
28 Is exactly like games of football, for instance (7)

1 Close a valve thus, perhaps (4,3)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of THUS
2 Noisy game (7)
3 Almost all stop outside as usual (9)
4 Type of brush undergrowth (5)ANAGRAM of BRUSH
5 Inhabitants showing unusual tirednesss (9)ANAGRAM of TIREDNESS
6 Composer of unusual drive (5)ANAGRAM of DRIVE
7 Modified date pad put out (7)ANAGRAM of DATE PAD
8 Remains as a student group (7)ANAGRAM of REMAINS
14 Smart mole creates deep turmoil (9)ANAGRAM of SMART MOLE
15 Harmonious character? (9)
16 Is more cheerful when the dollar's has risen (5,2)
17 Time casts its shadow on it (7)
19 Sort of study carried out by bathyscaphe (2,5)
20 Bounty is a big ship (7)
22 A guru disposed to prognasticate (5)ANAGRAM of A GURU
23 Fanciful idea about breaching an encampment (5)
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