CRYPTIC CROSSWORD FROM THE TIMES OF INDIA, BANGALORE (3084 of 05-02-2017)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 There's pleasure after the game but he spoils it (7)
5 Horse that's old and imperfect (7)
9 Listener's complaint (7)
10 Pacify monkey feeding it vegetables (7)
11 Cuts off import and export facilities (5)
12 Relaxing one's guard is risky (9)ANAGRAM of ONES GUARD
13 Idler upset with debt becomes delirious (9)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of IDLER
15 Smoked maybe but was successfully treated (5)
16 Shipping trade (5)
18 Game for a trial mrriage? (4,5)
21 Though a pound short victualler maybe making a profit (9)ANAGRAM of VICTUALER
24 Measure of restriction (5)
25 I'd fill in the result - it's obvious (7)
26 Globe in orbit (7)
27 One's run out - he didn't want to take advantage (3-4)ANAGRAM of ONES RUN
28 Ten glad to be involved (7)ANAGRAM of TEN GLAD

1 Worked as a masseuras required we hear (7)
2 Enthusiasts may wax it (7)
3 Weightlifter takes fish being fussy about meat (4,5)
4 Give up interest in shares (5)
5 Ill-judgement (9)
6 Source of ample sugar (5)ANAGRAM of AMPLE
7 Illusive beauty of heartless girl having love affair (7)
8 Lined up in uniform (7)
14 Tradesman explaining how he hopes to leave hospital? (9)
15 Arrive with fresh request for admission (4,5)
16 One cell prepared for an Irish girl (7)ANAGRAM of ONE CELL
17 Where lots are put up only to be knocked down (7)
19 A number walk wearily around - it's hard work (7)
20 Dealt in kettles and saucepan for instance? (7)
22 Confirms though almost opposed to it (5)
23 Appearing upright before getting caught (5)
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