Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore (2988 of 05-04-2015) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.She comes to a fishy end (7)
5.Upset at dense and poor part of London (4,3)ANAGRAM of AT DENSE
9.Mussolini was in debt and was impoverished (7)
10.Category that is applicable to one of the following (7)
11.Groups of mates (5)ANAGRAM of MATES
12.Used to be troubled (9)
13.On the side of the junior partner (9)
15.He sculpted a man embracing a girl (5)
16.,Two learners in the European mountains (5)
18.Worn out religious costumes difficult to cast off (3,6)
21.Copying a fake sovereign (9)
24.Bones placed in a circle (5)
25.Going round showing opposition to the current trend (7)
26.One's boots may be licked (7)
27.Gets the pitch in good order (5,2)
28. Kind of labour we get fed up about (7)

1.Master takes female over fifty in marriage (7)
2.Prepare new plan for revolutionary type of float (7)
3.Desribing one's descent from Lancaster (9)ANAGRAM of LANCASTER
4.Avoid Kansas city (5)
5. Having the look of a powerful flier (5-4)
6.Passionless disciple (5)
7.Unmasked once one asked questions (7)
8.Doctor needs transfer to a city (7)ANAGRAM of DR for DOCTOR+NEEDS
14.Improving - using a reference book? (7,2)
15.Back stove to put into new order (9)
16. The storm created by Shakespeare (7)
17.Managed to hold the first man coming up fast (7)
19.Certainly one won't be! (2,5)
20.Slipped across the road (7)
22.They are used for cheating and lying (5)
23.They admit being swingers (5)
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