Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times Bangalore (2883 of 05-05-2013) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Keep watch for this chap (6)
4.Possibly avenge it, possibly not (8)ANAGRAM of AVENGE IT
9.Representations seldom made (6)ANAGRAM of SELDOM
10.Death by hangings (8)
12.Peel read out what he did to the Corn Laws (8)ANAGRAM of PEEL READ
13.Grind a new bread (6)ANAGRAM of A BREAD
15.The last of the wine (4)
16.Cor! Blow me (6,4)
19.A comfortable place in the garden (3,2,5)
20.Where cricketers practise catches (4)
23.Not the 'in' crowd for a start (6)
25.He'll kill animals in the end (8)
27.Went so fast was barely visible (8)
28.Meaty language (6)
29.Second employer (8)
30.Pay for a seat (6)

1.Commander of the main force (7)
2.It provides a blanket coverage for a dormitory feast (9)
3.Make a second charge for the killing (6)
5.It houses the sewers in the Tuileries (4)
6.The English way? Ah, no but a foreign sort (8)ANAGRAM of AH NO BUT A
7.Some find a bikini bizarre in Spanish island (5)
8.Oriental models are sent (7)ANAGRAM of ARE SENT
11.Suitcase put in the car (7)
14.At home with poetry? Quite the opposite (7)
17.Failure to notice surveilance (9)
18.Could mean coming in last everything considered (5,3)
19.For enjoyment read some lines in bed (7)
21.It's true I'll appear in screen version (7ANAGRAM of I SCREEN
22.Promise father a part in the play (6)
24.There could be more than two (5)ANAGRAM of THERE
26.None of it's good, it is said (4)
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Created at 11.00 hrs IST on 05-05-2013

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