THE SUNDAY TIMES OF INDIA, BANGALORE SUNDAY CROSSWORD (3201 of 05-05-2019)Fillable and with solution)

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1 A capital crop (7)
5 Restaurent cutlery (7)
9 Presumably pink is her colour (7)
10 Having favourites relatively speaking (7)
11 Eastern lake found in the West? Strange (5)
12 Sings 'Coming round the mountain' for money (9)
13 Team result is not the main topic of conversation (4,5)
15 Region holding northern sports venue (5)
16 One assumes outward attitude of assurance (5)
18 A craft based on fundamental duplicity (9)
21 Those that do may have a mortgage though it's hateful (9)
24 Arrived with nothing but got relief work (5)
25 The last place a Buddhist wants to go (7)
26 Aggressive marital break-up (7)ANAGRAM of MARITAL
27 Pay in full, please (7)
28 Demands its sins be found out (7)ANAGRAM of ITS SINS

1 Impedes with baskets (7)
2 Denied a civil education (3-4)
3 Note a member the very best of the Friars (9)
4 The main comings and goings (5)
5 Temperate land mass (9)
6 Penal reform in an Asian country (5)ANAGRAM of PENAL
7 Understanding French (7)
8 Despoiled icon is restored to a city of Cyprus (7)ANAGRAM of ICON IS A
14 One who finishes work at the last minute (9)
15 Soldiers in camp. sorry on manoeuvres (4,5)ANAGRAM of CAMP SORRY
16 Its plan is upset giving causes for prosecution (7)ANAGRAM of ITS PLAN
17 Succeed with a will (7)
19 Is left out of seminar (7)ANAGRAM of SEMINAR
20 Foolish fellows soon led astray (7)ANAGRAM of SOON LED
22 Ways in which Dora's gone wrong (5)ANAGRAM of DORAS
23 Times by the score (5)
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