Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore (2962 of 05-10-2014) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Likes better to allude to something in a postscript (7)
5.Offenders dismissed by decrees (7)
9.I earn it as a change from work (7)ANAGRAM of I EARN IT
10.Some wear a cheerful smile in affliction (7)
11.Tina makes a come-back with a new name (5)ANAGRAM of TINA A
12.Two elements of risk for the reformed alcoholic? (9)
13.Alice pops out of the church (9)ANAGRAM of ALICE POPS
15.Competed with speed with one in the highway (5)
16.Is paid pots, say (5)
18.Not even a soldier (9)
21.Murderous sort of competition (9)
24.Unusually sober attire (5)ANAGRAM of SOBER
25.Sweet little couple having a row (7)
26.His money may be well-earned (7)
27.Properties of oriental expresses (7)
28. Coloured lights set in glass (7)ANAGRAM of IN GLASS

1.Undisclosed military rank (7)
2.Retired academics - ie, elevated and retraining with (7)
3.Casts a spell with appearances on stage (9)
4.Post office workers (5)
5. One who bosses the boss (9)
6.Cast worth putting into new production (5)ANAGRAM of WORTH
7.Its no fun as a rule for him (7)
8.Cut some grain in an outhouse (7)
14.Restrained people (9)
15.Looking about (9)
16. He's broken out of quarters and disturbs the peace(7)ANAGRAM of PEACE+SE for QUARTERS
17.Withdraw both note and pamphlet (7)
19.Bloomer made by silly essayist (7)
20.Arranged rosters for holidays perhaps (7)ANAGRAM of ROSTERS
22.Give a lift to one in the army (5)
23.Diets must change with the times (5)ANAGRAM of DIETS
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