Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore (3036 of 06-03-2016)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 Metal cover protects the sewer (7)
5 His place of work could be mine (7)
9 Places visited on holidays or between holidays (7)
10 Where is this sold? Oh in the local perhaps (7)ANAGRAM of OH LOCAL
11 Show girl without sex appeal (5)
12 Holder of the post (9)
13 Puts on too much weight (9)
15 Located or spotted by ear (5)
16 The car that creates records (5)
18 Gives up an office from a basic date (9)ANAGRAM of BASIC DATE
21 Ring of the cheapest sort (5,4)
24 Get used to having a run that is outside (5)IE for THAT IS+ANAGRAM of RUN
25 If it is to be raised it can be awkward (7)ANAGRAM of IT IT CAN
26 Frank article written by G.B.Shaw (7)
27 Arrange to get rid of (7)
28 Showed rank subservience? (7)

1 Wild toper at a party could be lethal (7)DO for PARTY+ANAGRAM of TOPER
2 Breathe fire (7)
3 They may form strong attachments to a craft (9)
4 Supporter with general uprising when accepted (5)
5 Hates disc, replayed and criticised severely (9)ANAGRAM of HATES DISC
6 Money is a bait that takes many in (5)
7 Monks and nuns may dwell this way (7)
8 Slackened and became loose in a rush (7)
14 A snowdrop? (9)
15 Irregular coastline not at all in one piece (9)ANAGRAM of COASTLINE
16 Told the next of kin? (7)
17 Places drawn roughly to scale (7)ANAGRAM of TO SCALE
19 He may go to an ancient city and sit in ruins (7)UR for ANCIENT CITY+TO SIT
20 He may wait to make enquiries of course (7)
22 Slow movement produced no advance (5)
23 Wants to sound negligent (5)
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